I recently had a JOLT

My Mum was ill – hospitalized – seriously ill

It scared me so we have made a few decisions

  • We holidayed with my brother and his family
    • Reconnected
  • We have Spring Cleaned to the nth degree
  • We are putting the house on the market
    • I want to move closer to my family
  • I will need to look for a new job
  • Changes will be neededScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 14.19.34


I do not personally climb – I am not a fan of heights

So – to fit today’s prompt ‘climbing’ – I went another way


I like climbing plants – we have a lot of ivy on our house – and the occasional bit of clematis – but I got climber envy when out on a walk recently

There is a pretty old house in Spalding, by the river, and it had this beautiful wisteria across the front

Something Silly

Prunella was not happy, she had been saving her money for months.  A penny here and a pound there.  Gradually filling her terramundi, feeling the weight grow every time she added more change.

Prue had always been a saver, even from before her birth when Grandad had set up a savings account for her.  She loved saving, especially when she had something to save for.

This had been the single most important thing that she had ever saved for.

The day had come and Prue had smashed open the ceramic globe.  She had counted up the money, making neat piles.  She knew exactly how much the gift cost and, as she counted, she smiled.  There was enough, just enough.  Phew.

Prue got her Daddy to take her to the shop, they walked because the shop was on their street.  Prue walked past the shop every day with Mummy and Mummy looked at the jewellery box in the window.  She told Prue about the box she’d had when she was a girl.

Prue had been determined.  She had saved like never before, she had been so careful with every penny.

However careful she had been, there was one thing that she had not planned for.

The shopkeeper had shaken his head and looked sadly at the the little girl.  “I am so sorry,” he had said to her Daddy, “I sold it yesterday.  If only I had known, I would have put it on one side.  I would have kept it for you Mr Dent.”

Prue walked home, crying.  Next time she would have to be even more careful with her money.  Even more Prue Dent.


The best button …

… ever invented

The pause button

First on VCR, then DvD, then live TV

I was born in the 60s – if we wanted to watch something on TV then the BBC (or occasionally ITV) decided when – they were also deciding what

Then channel 4, 5, and Sky etc came along and we. at least. had choice

But even better than that – the chance to record – and EVEN BETTER still – the chance to pause

We are in control – at last