The best button …

… ever invented

The pause button

First on VCR, then DvD, then live TV

I was born in the 60s – if we wanted to watch something on TV then the BBC (or occasionally ITV) decided when – they were also deciding what

Then channel 4, 5, and Sky etc came along and we. at least. had choice

But even better than that – the chance to record – and EVEN BETTER still – the chance to pause

We are in control – at last


When my children were little they were on my passport – this idea doesn’t exist any more – even teenies have their own passport – not so when mine were young – they could only travel with me

How I wish this were still the case – sure my baby is now 22 – but I would be so happy if she could only travel with me – that way she would not have spent the last few months thousands of miles away

On Sunday she returns home

Mexico – California – Texas – Florida – Louisiana – DC – NY – Canada – Home

I have missed  her more than I imagined I would – after all she has not really lived at home properly for the last 3+ years – but soon she will be home – maybe then I will hide her passport

Welcome Home



How Much

How much is a fortune?

I watch quiz shows and hear people describe the potential winnings as ‘life changing’.

I often wonder what that means – how could £25k, for example, be life changing – it won’t clear the mortgage – it won’t stop me from working – maybe it would provide us with 5 really nice holidays – but how would it be life changing?

So – I would want £200k to clear the mortgage and other debts – plus an income of about £60k for a reasonable life style (nothing special) – so I need about £3.5 million – if it is to be really life changing.

I guess £1 million would make a serious difference – I guess £100k would give me some nice options.

I suppose that a fortune means different things to different people – I imagine that my £3.5 million would be peanuts for some.




A Magical or Medicinal Potion

That is the dictionary definition of Elixir

It could also be the dictionary definition of GIN



I used to be fairly casual about my gin drinking – I like a gin and tonic – I like a gin and dry ginger – I like a gin and coke (so sue me) – I was pretty happy to buy cheap London Dry and cheap mixers – why not

Then I discovered real gin – first I delved into Death’s Door – fabulous – wtf had I been drinking – this didn’t need a mixer but if I was going to add something that needed to be good too – I discovered Fever Tree – I worked my way through a few other options focussing on Import Strength

Then a step further and I realised that I could have different gins delivered each month – and I have drunk some amazing gins – I like Elephant Gin – I have a love for Cotswold Gin – I have yet to find one that I don’t like tbh

OH – AND – try different fruit to slice – I like apple


Thats how they catch you – with the accessories

I bought a new kindle at the weekend – decisions, decisions, decisions – there are four different types

  • The basic was not in the running – no back light
  • I had a paperwhite – liked it but the lights had started to blur – so this was possible
  • For an extra £100 I could get a voyage – some add-ons but the reviews were mixed
  • For another £100 still we have the oasis – ergonomic and cool

Leaving the house – the oasis was the winner – I love a bit of new technology that is way over the top and oozing with unnecessary extras – then I tried them out

Friend, I bought the paperwhite

New model – has some nice extra features – loving it – and of course – cost effective


The accessories

A lovely new case – purple – of course

Canal Walk

Lovely day here in Northamptonshire – cold but sunny and dry

One of the best features of the county is the Grand Union Canal and – here at Stoke Bruene a family or couple can walk and chill, eat and shop, visit the little museum and gaze into the tunnel

Ideal spring outing