Totally clean – my kitchen is totally clean

The surfaces, the floor, the cupboard doors

They are clean

At no point did having the kitchen repainted make me think anything else

Beautiful, fresh, primrose walls do not make everything else look even remotely grubby

Totally Clean = FACT


Something Silly

Prunella was not happy, she had been saving her money for months.  A penny here and a pound there.  Gradually filling her terramundi, feeling the weight grow every time she added more change.

Prue had always been a saver, even from before her birth when Grandad had set up a savings account for her.  She loved saving, especially when she had something to save for.

This had been the single most important thing that she had ever saved for.

The day had come and Prue had smashed open the ceramic globe.  She had counted up the money, making neat piles.  She knew exactly how much the gift cost and, as she counted, she smiled.  There was enough, just enough.  Phew.

Prue got her Daddy to take her to the shop, they walked because the shop was on their street.  Prue walked past the shop every day with Mummy and Mummy looked at the jewellery box in the window.  She told Prue about the box she’d had when she was a girl.

Prue had been determined.  She had saved like never before, she had been so careful with every penny.

However careful she had been, there was one thing that she had not planned for.

The shopkeeper had shaken his head and looked sadly at the the little girl.  “I am so sorry,” he had said to her Daddy, “I sold it yesterday.  If only I had known, I would have put it on one side.  I would have kept it for you Mr Dent.”

Prue walked home, crying.  Next time she would have to be even more careful with her money.  Even more Prue Dent.


The best button …

… ever invented

The pause button

First on VCR, then DvD, then live TV

I was born in the 60s – if we wanted to watch something on TV then the BBC (or occasionally ITV) decided when – they were also deciding what

Then channel 4, 5, and Sky etc came along and we. at least. had choice

But even better than that – the chance to record – and EVEN BETTER still – the chance to pause

We are in control – at last


When my children were little they were on my passport – this idea doesn’t exist any more – even teenies have their own passport – not so when mine were young – they could only travel with me

How I wish this were still the case – sure my baby is now 22 – but I would be so happy if she could only travel with me – that way she would not have spent the last few months thousands of miles away

On Sunday she returns home

Mexico – California – Texas – Florida – Louisiana – DC – NY – Canada – Home

I have missed  her more than I imagined I would – after all she has not really lived at home properly for the last 3+ years – but soon she will be home – maybe then I will hide her passport

Welcome Home



How Much

How much is a fortune?

I watch quiz shows and hear people describe the potential winnings as ‘life changing’.

I often wonder what that means – how could £25k, for example, be life changing – it won’t clear the mortgage – it won’t stop me from working – maybe it would provide us with 5 really nice holidays – but how would it be life changing?

So – I would want £200k to clear the mortgage and other debts – plus an income of about £60k for a reasonable life style (nothing special) – so I need about £3.5 million – if it is to be really life changing.

I guess £1 million would make a serious difference – I guess £100k would give me some nice options.

I suppose that a fortune means different things to different people – I imagine that my £3.5 million would be peanuts for some.




A Magical or Medicinal Potion

That is the dictionary definition of Elixir

It could also be the dictionary definition of GIN



I used to be fairly casual about my gin drinking – I like a gin and tonic – I like a gin and dry ginger – I like a gin and coke (so sue me) – I was pretty happy to buy cheap London Dry and cheap mixers – why not

Then I discovered real gin – first I delved into Death’s Door – fabulous – wtf had I been drinking – this didn’t need a mixer but if I was going to add something that needed to be good too – I discovered Fever Tree – I worked my way through a few other options focussing on Import Strength

Then a step further and I realised that I could have different gins delivered each month – and I have drunk some amazing gins – I like Elephant Gin – I have a love for Cotswold Gin – I have yet to find one that I don’t like tbh

OH – AND – try different fruit to slice – I like apple