Coming Round The Corner

Walking near Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We started by the river, passed through a housing estate, along the side of a cemetery, and out to a nature reserve.

A surprising little area caught between the hospital and an industrial estate.

Coming round the corner



When my children were little they were on my passport – this idea doesn’t exist any more – even teenies have their own passport – not so when mine were young – they could only travel with me

How I wish this were still the case – sure my baby is now 22 – but I would be so happy if she could only travel with me – that way she would not have spent the last few months thousands of miles away

On Sunday she returns home

Mexico – California – Texas – Florida – Louisiana – DC – NY – Canada – Home

I have missed  her more than I imagined I would – after all she has not really lived at home properly for the last 3+ years – but soon she will be home – maybe then I will hide her passport

Welcome Home



Long Journey

I m trying to filter out the worry, the anxiety, the missingness.

So that I can focus on the positives.

Today I am taking my baby (aged 22) to Heathrow so that she can fly to Mexico and spend 2months+ travelling around the Central and North America with her friend.

She has, of course, been away before – she spent the last 3 years at university and before that she spent 2 weeks in Malawi doing charity work – I am, of course, used to missing her.


This is a long way and a long(ish) time.


Filter out the worry and focus on the positives – great experiences, great adventure, opportunity of a life time – the positives.

You can follow their travels here and here, if you want to follow the worry – just stick with me 🙂



Almost a habit

It felt strange.  Strange, but somehow familiar.

We were in Venice, a romantic break, just the two of us doing the tourist spots.  We had been sung to on our gondola ride, crossed the Rialto bridge, and taken a thousand photos.

We had visited the islands; bought glass on Murano and read gravestones galore on San Michele.

The Doge’s Palace had astonished; the paintings, the gold, the sheer scale of things, each room more stunning than the last.  And then, the Bridge of Sighs.  Back out into the glorious sunshine of Saint Mark’s Square.

Of course, any trip to Venice has to include a visit to St Mark’s Basilica and we were no different.  As we walked through the church, I could hear the priest in one of the side altars.  I have almost no Italian but mass is mass.  Even without the words, the intonation was enough.  I joined the small congregation.  My English responses mingled with their Italian ones.  It has been a while since I attended church but the words came easily and the spiritual connection followed.

Crossing myself as I left, I felt a sense of peace.  A feeling that was strange, but somehow familiar.

Daily prompt: Crossing



Venice – changing yet unchanging

Resilient places – places that retain their beauty but adapt to the modern world

We had talked about visiting Venice for years – every time we saw it on TV – every time we read something in a book – every time we talked about going somewhere ‘new’ – when we thought about romantic venues – before it sinks – whilst we can get up and down steps – if we have the money


We were looking at a book  – 5 things that changed the world (or something like that) and i talked about glass – about Venice – about Murano

Coupled with an end of year bonus – the time was ripe – the booking was made – 3 days away – cheap flights – reasonable hotel – airport parking (is that really the most expensive bit)

People said that it would be great but I had no idea – I thought that I knew what Venice was – I had seen plenty of pictures even films – I read up as always DK 10 things to do in Venice – I was prepared – THEN – You get the bus from Marco Polo – normal bus and normal bus station – nothing to see here apart from the very large car park – You get off the bus and turn around and there it is – The Grand Canal – The buildings – The images brought to life – Venice – we both fell in love straight away – odd that we should be so amazed at something that we had expected but we were

We loved everything – Gondola ride – Waterbus – Rialto Bridge – Coffee – Hot Chocolate – Cake – Food – Murano – Cemetery Island – Sunset – St Mark’s Square at night – Walking through the streets – Pasta – St Mark’s by day – The Basilica – Doge’s Palace – The Bridge of Sighs – Coffee – Cake – Walking – Watching – Waterbus – Pizza – Churches – Bridges – Glass – Masks – Everything

I especially loved the buildings – like every painting I had seen – just there -the colours – the lines – the perspective – the corners – the domes – the history and the life

Long Weekend

Off in the tent for a long weekend to celebrate being married – 23 years and still chilling.  Champagne and Bacon Butties for breakfast is the only way to celebrate.

If you want a decent camp site near London then Theobalds is an excellent choice – lots to do from the Lee Valley White Water Centre where we watched rather than canoed to the excitement of Bluewater shopping where I started early Christmas shopping.

Plenty of course to do in London itself.  From a G&T surrounded by some gorgeous books – to an evening of foot tapping watching The Jersey Boys – big city living is great (for a short break).

Then a walk along the canal provided plenty of photo opportunities – working in manual is scary but the evening classes on aperture and shutter speed seem to be working well.