Combining my interests.

During my creative writing course I learnt about Fibonacci Poetry (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 … …)

Is for
Cutting the
Metal for my piece
I am making a brooch this time
With an amber cabochon and silver that will shine



Looking at the detail.

When looking for inspiration I tend to look at other people’s work as my starting point.

This is certainly true of my jewellery inspiration – I am not confident yet and I would prefer to adapt something that someone else has made and add my own style.

Starting to write, I am afraid that I will accidentally use the ideas of others – I do not think I could write any sort of detective piece because I have read so much from Agatha Christie to Patricia Cornwell (and even the odd male crime writer) and I cannot imagine coming up with something new.

So now I am trying to look behind the work of others to see what their inspiration was – how do they use the media that inspire them – how do they start with something solid and develop it into their own ideas?

One of the people I have been looking at is a jeweller called Andrea Pineros. Andrea gets her inspirations form many different places from traffic systems to lichen and her simplification, her use of the fine detail, inspires me.






Trying to make some positive changes in my life I have been signing up for Adult Learning Classes with Northamptonshire Council.

I am studying Silver Jewellery – 4 weeks in and I am half way through my first piece – watch this space for details.

I am also taking an introduction to Ancient Egypt – this will involve some research so I will add notes on this.

Today I attended Creative Writers for Beginners with Morgen Bailey and have decided to try some Flash Fiction – scary but different