13 Reasons Why…

Things that make me happy

1. My Family
2. A good book
3. Christmas morning
4. A new gin
5. A good film (Harrison Ford is a bonus)
6. A snuggle with my baby girl (not so much of a baby)
7. Autumn
8. Tulips
9. When a student ‘gets it’
10. Hugs
11. A good joke (one liners are the best)
12. A sing-along-song on the radio (daydream believer maybe)
13. My family (they are my joy)

A Year In My Life


So, today I finished watching the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why”. This show has been all over social media recently so I thought I’d give it a go!

*spoiler alert*

The show is about a young girl, Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide and left behind tapes with the ’13 reasons why’ she killed herself. The show is incredibly moving and really highlights a subject which is still very taboo! During the show we see how Hannah deals with the situations which lead to her suicide, and we see how those she left behind are dealing with her death. Throughout the show we see a range of horrific situations; bullying, rape, alcohol/drug abuse, physical abuse, road traffic accidents, and of course suicide. We confront all of these situations in a real but sensitive way, which really highlights some of the terrible things going on in the world. Things we…

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The best button …

… ever invented

The pause button

First on VCR, then DvD, then live TV

I was born in the 60s – if we wanted to watch something on TV then the BBC (or occasionally ITV) decided when – they were also deciding what

Then channel 4, 5, and Sky etc came along and we. at least. had choice

But even better than that – the chance to record – and EVEN BETTER still – the chance to pause

We are in control – at last


When my children were little they were on my passport – this idea doesn’t exist any more – even teenies have their own passport – not so when mine were young – they could only travel with me

How I wish this were still the case – sure my baby is now 22 – but I would be so happy if she could only travel with me – that way she would not have spent the last few months thousands of miles away

On Sunday she returns home

Mexico – California – Texas – Florida – Louisiana – DC – NY – Canada – Home

I have missed  her more than I imagined I would – after all she has not really lived at home properly for the last 3+ years – but soon she will be home – maybe then I will hide her passport

Welcome Home