I recently had a JOLT

My Mum was ill – hospitalized – seriously ill

It scared me so we have made a few decisions

  • We holidayed with my brother and his family
    • Reconnected
  • We have Spring Cleaned to the nth degree
  • We are putting the house on the market
    • I want to move closer to my family
  • I will need to look for a new job
  • Changes will be neededScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 14.19.34

Canal Walk

Lovely day here in Northamptonshire – cold but sunny and dry

One of the best features of the county is the Grand Union Canal and – here at Stoke Bruene a family or couple can walk and chill, eat and shop, visit the little museum and gaze into the tunnel

Ideal spring outing

The Unbelievable Truth

I tend to listen to BBC Radio 2 in the car on the way to work.  Sometimes on the way home too.  I used to listen to BBC Radio 1 but I am older now and they play music that is too loud.

However – I have not yet shifted to BBC Radio 4 – My Mum listens to Radio 4 – To be honest she has listened to Radio 4 pretty much all my life so she probably started to listen in her 30s.

So – Is Radio 4 for old people or just for certain people – Or does it have a variety of programmes and I have been missing out?

I caught a random link earlier on to an episode of The Unbelievable Truth – I like David Mitchell – The comedians on the show are generally people I find amusing on panel shows – iPlayer seems to have a range of episodes so I am listening.

It is funny.

My Eyes

It would appear that old middle age is taking its toll.

It seems that I have a complete failure to cross my eyes.

I have been getting headaches when reading – been finding it difficult to adjust focus from long to short – been using my reading glasses (with contact lenses) more and more.

Sixth months ago I started to get serious floaters in my right eye – when I saw flashing lights as well panic set in and I attended the eye emergency room at Northampton General Hospital.  Apparently ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ is normal – sounds odd but it is normal – but the headaches that I had been getting – less normal.

A couple of appointments later and I am tasked with ‘exercises’ I have to look at things getting closer and closer – without allowing them to split into two.  If you are like my better half – this is easy.  He can use my card of dots to the 8th or 9th dot with ease – my eyes hurt from the 3rd dot onwards and I cannot get closer than the 5th – YET.

Next appointments in 3 weeks time.


Long Weekend

Off in the tent for a long weekend to celebrate being married – 23 years and still chilling.  Champagne and Bacon Butties for breakfast is the only way to celebrate.

If you want a decent camp site near London then Theobalds is an excellent choice – lots to do from the Lee Valley White Water Centre where we watched rather than canoed to the excitement of Bluewater shopping where I started early Christmas shopping.

Plenty of course to do in London itself.  From a G&T surrounded by some gorgeous books – to an evening of foot tapping watching The Jersey Boys – big city living is great (for a short break).

Then a walk along the canal provided plenty of photo opportunities – working in manual is scary but the evening classes on aperture and shutter speed seem to be working well.

Studying – it is hard work

I am currently completing a unit with Oxford University Continuing Education on the British Empire.

It is hard work.

Not difficult to understand.  Not difficult to read.  Not even too difficult to write my assignment.  Difficult to make the time.

Where is the energy that I had when I was younger – the energy I had just 2 or 3 years ago?

Now I get home from work and want to sleep – or watch rubbish on TV.

How do I get my mojo back – If I find the answer I will let you know.