A Magical or Medicinal Potion

That is the dictionary definition of Elixir

It could also be the dictionary definition of GIN



I used to be fairly casual about my gin drinking – I like a gin and tonic – I like a gin and dry ginger – I like a gin and coke (so sue me) – I was pretty happy to buy cheap London Dry and cheap mixers – why not

Then I discovered real gin – first I delved into Death’s Door – fabulous – wtf had I been drinking – this didn’t need a mixer but if I was going to add something that needed to be good too – I discovered Fever Tree – I worked my way through a few other options focussing on Import Strength

Then a step further and I realised that I could have different gins delivered each month – and I have drunk some amazing gins – I like Elephant Gin – I have a love for Cotswold Gin – I have yet to find one that I don’t like tbh

OH – AND – try different fruit to slice – I like apple


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