A short story

She’d been looking forward to the party all week.

She’d bought a new dress and shoes.

She’d been to the hairdressers, even had her nails done.

She’d shaved her legs in anticipation.

She’d booked a taxi so that she could drink.

She’d arrived at exactly the right time, handed over the gift, and kissed the birthday girl.

She’d danced, had a glass or two of wine, and danced some more.

She’d danced some more and flirted a little.

She requested ‘automatic’by Prince and she could hear it playing.

He’d liked the look of her in the low cut dress.

He’d enjoyed the dancing and the flirting.

He’d suggested they go outside for some fresh air.

He’d kissed her and moved his hands across her body.

He’d been angry when she said no, when she’d asked him to stop.

He’d put his hands around her throat.

He’d gone back inside as Prince started to sing.

She drew her last breath.


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