Trying to change is just trying

Planning to change is not even trying

Changing is harder – I have a list of things that I want to do – I have bought a serious journal – I have bought a couple of self help books – a diet app – a meditation app – some writing prompts

But this is part of my problem – the prevarication – the need to plan – the preparation – all great BUT I need to do – how – how do I DO

Last year

  • I put on weight
  • I didn’t write anything to submit
  • My team underperformed

Last year I also

  • Started camping
  • Bought a camera
  • Saw my daughter graduate
  • Helped my son to start his OU degree
  • Went to Venice

This year I want to

  • Lose weight (75lb is the aim)
  • Write every day
  • Read every day
  • Submit some writing (at least 2 pieces)
  • Photograph something beautiful
  • Go camping with my brother
  • Camp more often (35 nights)
  • Watch less TV (50 days without TV)
  • Visit one new city
  • Use my journal to help focus on good habits





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