Venice – changing yet unchanging

Resilient places – places that retain their beauty but adapt to the modern world

We had talked about visiting Venice for years – every time we saw it on TV – every time we read something in a book – every time we talked about going somewhere ‘new’ – when we thought about romantic venues – before it sinks – whilst we can get up and down steps – if we have the money


We were looking at a book  – 5 things that changed the world (or something like that) and i talked about glass – about Venice – about Murano

Coupled with an end of year bonus – the time was ripe – the booking was made – 3 days away – cheap flights – reasonable hotel – airport parking (is that really the most expensive bit)

People said that it would be great but I had no idea – I thought that I knew what Venice was – I had seen plenty of pictures even films – I read up as always DK 10 things to do in Venice – I was prepared – THEN – You get the bus from Marco Polo – normal bus and normal bus station – nothing to see here apart from the very large car park – You get off the bus and turn around and there it is – The Grand Canal – The buildings – The images brought to life – Venice – we both fell in love straight away – odd that we should be so amazed at something that we had expected but we were

We loved everything – Gondola ride – Waterbus – Rialto Bridge – Coffee – Hot Chocolate – Cake – Food – Murano – Cemetery Island – Sunset – St Mark’s Square at night – Walking through the streets – Pasta – St Mark’s by day – The Basilica – Doge’s Palace – The Bridge of Sighs – Coffee – Cake – Walking – Watching – Waterbus – Pizza – Churches – Bridges – Glass – Masks – Everything

I especially loved the buildings – like every painting I had seen – just there -the colours – the lines – the perspective – the corners – the domes – the history and the life


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