My Eyes

It would appear that old middle age is taking its toll.

It seems that I have a complete failure to cross my eyes.

I have been getting headaches when reading – been finding it difficult to adjust focus from long to short – been using my reading glasses (with contact lenses) more and more.

Sixth months ago I started to get serious floaters in my right eye – when I saw flashing lights as well panic set in and I attended the eye emergency room at Northampton General Hospital.  Apparently ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ is normal – sounds odd but it is normal – but the headaches that I had been getting – less normal.

A couple of appointments later and I am tasked with ‘exercises’ I have to look at things getting closer and closer – without allowing them to split into two.  If you are like my better half – this is easy.  He can use my card of dots to the 8th or 9th dot with ease – my eyes hurt from the 3rd dot onwards and I cannot get closer than the 5th – YET.

Next appointments in 3 weeks time.



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