Live For This – A Review

Live For This is a new novel by Kathryn Biel.

Samirah is a party girl, living on the edge.  Drinking too much and spending time with the wrong people.  Realising that her married boyfriend is not going to leave his wife she begins to re-assess her life.  Before she has 51cgvnoFXeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_the opportunity to make any life changes events take a turn and she finds herself lost and alone.

Michael is partially paralyzed following a road accident.  Eighteen months on he is coming to terms with his life.  Still missing his ex-fiance he has thrown himself into work.  His family and friends provide a strong support system but he knows that his life is missing something.

Fate brings the two characters together and this book tells of their growing friendship.

The book is strong on character development and the style is reminiscent of a road trip.  The alternating chapters tell the story from the two perspectives and we watch the couple from the outside.  At times I wanted to knock their heads together as they misread each others comments and actions.

The story is well told.  Sam is not a character that I warmed to at the start and there are glimpses throughout the book where she shows an unsavoury side.  At the same time, Michael, nice on the outside is not always honest with his family or even himself about his motives in befriending Sam.  The need to find out if things will end well meant that I read this book in a single sitting.

There is some explicit sexual violence in this book which was difficult to read but it is essential to the story line.

If you want a fairly easy read that focuses on character above all else – this is a book for you.

I received this book as part of an HLC Book Tours tour

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