Teaching Venn Diagrams

We have been working on Venn Diagrams in year 7.

We started small – just post its with our names on – placing them on the board.

Then we moved onto numbers; multiples, factors and so on.

We dabbled with probabilities – a couple of us went as far as P(AuB) and P(AnB).

Today we pulled things together with a game of Guess Who

  •  A set of Guess Who characters can be found online
  • Each student had a set and they played in pairs
  • The chat about characteristics was great – thinking skills galore
  • We finished by making posters in pairs – many were happy to try 3 sets – then we stuck our Guess Who characters onto the posters

A nice lesson – the students were fully engrossed – the basic concepts of sets and Venn Diagrams were certainly embedded.



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