Approval Junkie – a review

Approval Junkie – Faith Salie

I hadn’t heard of Faith Salie when I chose her book.  She is an American journalist, comedian, and radio personality.

Her book is a memoir taking the form of a series of essays.  The title is a thread that runs throughout the book giving a link between good grades, anorexia, a disappointing marriage, and a varied career.

Faith takes us on a journey, signposting the important moments and people in her life.  The tone is always upbeat, even when she talks of sadness.  Sadness at the loss of her Mother, her disastrous first marriage, and her struggle to become a Mother herself.

I read this book in one sitting.  The style is conversational and I found myself wondering what would happen next.  There are no real surprises but that doesn’t stop it from being a page turner.

I found the writing ‘honest’ and I grew to like Faith.  I have even downloaded some podcasts of “Wait, wait … don’t tell me” so that I can experience her in a different way – This programme, and a few other cultural references, was new to me as someone in the United Kingdom.  But my lack of knowledge did not detract from the telling of her story.

If you are looking for a memoir that is written from the heart but still easy to read – this is for you.



I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.



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