“It wasn’t until Frank saw” – Exercise using a starting sentence

Number 1

It wasn’t until Frank saw the balloons that he remembered.  This wasn’t just any party, it was a 50th birthday party.  He kicked himself as he realised that a gift was probably expected.  Frank headed back to the car and rummaged in the glove compartment, and then in the boot, maybe there was something suitable stored under the front seat.

Under the front seat he found a pair of panties, not going to be much of a gift since Frank knew his wife had worn them.

It wasn’t until Frank saw the panties that he realised his wife was having an affair.

Number 2

It wasn’t until Frank Saw arrived that the party really got going.  He was always fun, was Frank.  Once he arrived there was a distinct buzz in the room.  The other members of the group each had their own style; they all contributed to a thrilling evening, but it was never the same without Frank.

Once Frank arrived and the victim heard the buzz of his saw the real terror would set in and they could all sit by and enjoy.

Number 3

It wasn’t until Frank saw no reflection in the mirror that he realised he was actually dead.


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