Trying Something Different

Yesterday I tried my hand at “creative non-fiction” or memoirs as I prefer to call it.

Things have happened in my life, recent events have been quite dramatic/traumatic. Empty nest syndrome, spousal cancer, being bullied at work all seemed like suitable topics for a short piece.

So I tried. But I could not do it. I felt my descriptions were either too shallow or too personal. I found it hard to create a balance between detail and boring. More than this, I found it hard to directly write about people that would then read my work.

I may try again at some point but it does not seem to be my genre.



  1. Did you write about it as you in the first person or put your events on to a fictional character (with your experiences informing it.) If it was the former then why not try the latter. Sounds like you’ve had a tough run and writing can be cathartic in itself. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for the response.
      I tried first person, just talking.
      Then I tried a sort of diary entry approach.
      Neither really worked but I might have a go at writing it about a character.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

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