Looking at the detail.

When looking for inspiration I tend to look at other people’s work as my starting point.

This is certainly true of my jewellery inspiration – I am not confident yet and I would prefer to adapt something that someone else has made and add my own style.

Starting to write, I am afraid that I will accidentally use the ideas of others – I do not think I could write any sort of detective piece because I have read so much from Agatha Christie to Patricia Cornwell (and even the odd male crime writer) and I cannot imagine coming up with something new.

So now I am trying to look behind the work of others to see what their inspiration was – how do they use the media that inspire them – how do they start with something solid and develop it into their own ideas?

One of the people I have been looking at is a jeweller called Andrea Pineros. Andrea gets her inspirations form many different places from traffic systems to lichen and her simplification, her use of the fine detail, inspires me.






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