A very short piece of Flash Fiction – inspired by my one day course


Moving on is always difficult.  Had the divorce been the right thing? He thought so, when trust has gone what else can you do?  But, she had denied the affair, denied it with such passion.  Well, it was too late now, he would never know.  Their home was sold and here he stood, facing the future alone.  New home, new life, he had even bought a new key ring for his new keys.

Sighing, he opens the door and steps across the threshold.  The flat feels empty but his furniture is on the way.  He wanders through the rooms, trying to calm himself, trying to look forward, trying to feel positive.  Lying on the floor he sees a card and picks it up. Not a card but a photograph, he turns it over and looks at a couple kissing.  In love, happy.  The man he recognises as the previous owner of the flat, the woman – Well now he knows.


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